Sa ‘omu e su forru

Here you can see Villagrande’s housewives, wearing the traditional costume, “sa hunnedda”, while preparing bread according to tradition: “su pistoccu”, “sa turredda”, and “sa  angule” that after being cooked, are offered to all people who are there. In this location it seems that time stopped in the late 1800s as shown by the Sardinian terracotta bricks used for flooring and the tiles which cover the roof. Inside, in addition to a real wood-fired oven, there is a large fireplace where meats are roasted on the spit. The furnishings such as “su parastagiu“, the wooden table called “sa mesa e su pane”, “is cadigarasa” and other various objects such as the enameled iron plates brightly colored, are all authentic. Outside the house, in the natural shadow of the hundreds of years old oaks trees, there are the traditional Sardinian granite tables and benches that offer an excellent refreshment on hot summer days, while enjoying a delicious typical lunch.

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